Hello there! So Glad You're Here.

My name is Anthony Watson. On this website I'm going to post artwork I have worked on, different projects, personal work, life updates, etc.  I will also be writing a blog for my artwork as well. On the photos I will be explaining the story behind them and 3D will be the inspiration and/or a tutorial on how to make some of it. 

A little bit about my background and personal aspirations. I have a Bachelor's of Arts in Game Design and Animation. I have been involved with school projects, game jams and other small gaming projects. Currently I am developing my skills in game design as well as outside of it, but most of my effort is put towards the skills in game design. 

My long term dream is to make my own games. I will be making posts and stories about progress toward this as well. At the end of my career in game development I would like to have published the games to tell the stories I wanted to share with everyone. I hope these stories will be entertaining and fun. However, I am aware of the long trek and God willing I will keep giving all of my effort to move forward as I would all of my goals. But I want to help others along the way to avoid pitfalls or give them resources to help them as well. 

**Make sure to check out the links page. There are different websites where I sell and give away art or projects to help other artists/developers on their journey in game design as well.

Also, don't be afraid to explore around a bit and enjoy some art. If you have anything you want to say there is a contact form at the footer of the website.**