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Environment Artist, Character Artist, 3D Generalist

A little bit about myself.


I have a Bachelor's of Art in Game Design and Animation. In school, I was trained to use Unreal and Unity game engines. Autodesk suite, Substance Suite, and taught many skills that range from, Animation to game programming, but I specialize in Character and Environment Art. I have taken part in many small projects with fellow students in and out of school.  Of those projects, my role has been very flexible from unreal programming to team manager. Outside of my major, I have learned c++ programming. 

Currently, my greatest weakness is inexperience and speed. To combat this I make art on my own (on a time limit if possible) to keep improving my skills. I make small art projects that pique my interest, take part in discord challenges. Outside of art, I have started back with programming, but now I focus on Godot and Unreal. My experience can be summed up by Team projects and Game jams where I took roles such as 3D generalist and Character artist under intense deadlines. 

A short version of my experience:

Western Themed Project : Position: 3D Modeler

Responsibility: Create Western-themed assets, rigging the character, and texture assets.

Basketball OKC Thunder Theme : Position: 3D Artist

Responsibility: Create assets for an AR/VR basketball game in Unreal Engine.

2020 Global Game Jam (Jan.31 st -Feb. 2 nd): Position 3D Artist

Responsibility: Work together to create a game in Unity. Theme: Repair. Created Textures, Models, Set Dressed, and Support. The game name was “Here We Go Again”


2021 Gabb Global (11/15/21-Current) - 3D Artist Intern

To check out more work you can click here or you can go to the links tab





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